History of Osteopathy | Tracey Betts-Allen | Osteopath | Paris 8 | Tracey.Oste Osteopathy was founded in 1874 by Andrew Taylor Still, an American medical doctor, who was not convinced by the medical practices of his era. Notably, Andrew Taylor Still believed that the body just requires a helping hand on occasion to heal itself of many ills, rather than medication (especially that available in his lifetime). Osteopathy first came to Europe (Royaume-Uni) in 1917. John Martin Littlejohn, one of Still’s first pupils in the United States of America, came to London and created the British School of Osteopathy. Dr Robert Lavezarri, a pupil of Dr Florence Gair, who studied directly under Still, is considered to be the first to draw attention to Osteopathy in France. He published a book in 1949 entitled ‘A new clinical and therapeutic method: Osteopathy’