Osteopathic treatment | Tracey Betts-Allen | Osteopath | Paris 8 | Tracey.Osteo Osteopathic treatment mobilizes the body's natural defenses. Osteopaths use a variety of direct and indirect manipulative techniques on soft-tissues and joints. The techniques are accurate and precise, and are in no way forced. Some techniques, including cranial osteopathy, can be deceptively gentle but are nonetheless very powerful. The choice of techniques used is tailored to each patient, depending upon their individual diagnosis and techniques are modified to take into account of the patientís age and their morphology. This means that two people, who seemingly suffer from the same type of complaint, may well have two entirely different treatments, once their medical and personal histories have been taken into consideration. Successful osteopathic treatment can help diminish and sometimes eliminate the need for medication and can also help postpone the need for surgery. Osteopaths prefer to use the bodyís natural defenses.