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Osteopathic treatment can benefit everyone!
Tracey Betts-Allen (BSc (Hons) Ost) welcomes you to her practices
In Paris : at 22 rue Saint Augustin, 75002 Paris (metros 4 Septembre, Opéra or Richelieu-Drouot)
In Monneville (OISE) at 1 Ter rue de Marquemont, 60240 MONNEVILLE

For appointments and queries, call or or email tracey@traceyosteo.com.

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Tracey.Osteo is a friendly and accessible Osteopathic practice.

When to consult an Osteopath? For new or old problems from head to foot! Osteopathy focuses upon the diagnosis, treatment,prevention and rehabilitation of disorders of the tissues of the body, which if uncorrected, may have a negative influence upon the general health of the body.
Osteopaths treat people of all ages (babies to senior citizens), with all types of complaints (injuries to stress and tension-related complaints, not forgetting those specific to pregnant women). Sportspeople (amateur or professional) and musicians often use Osteopaths to stay in top form.
Osteopathic treatment is manual and does not use medication.
An Osteopath recognises major pathologies and will directly refer a patient to a medical specialist if this is needed or should there be any queries needing further investigation.